1000 Reel 2 GHz SOIC Hittite GaAs MMIC SMT Double-Balanced Mixer HMC207S8TR




This is a 7" machine ready reel with 1,000 Hittite HMC207S8TR Double-Balanced Mixers. The HMC207S8 are miniature double-balanced mixers in 8 lead plastic surface mount Small Outline IC (SOIC) packages. This passive MMIC mixer is constructed of GaAs Schottky diodes and novel planar transformer baluns on the chip. The device can be used as an upconverter, downconverter, biphase modulator (de)modulator, or phase comparator. The consistent MMIC performance will improve system operation and assure regulatory compliance. The high LO suppression of 45 to 50 dB yields excellent carrier suppression for modulator applications.
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