19" open duct, 7' high, WECO, 38 RU, no top angle. Seismic-rated unequal flange racks conform to GR-63-CORE Earthquake Resistance Criteria when loaded with 450 lbs. and installed with Telect's seismic anchor kit (total weight includes 50 lbs. to simulate overhead cable load). Choose from 19" and 23" configurations. Racks include top angles unless noted. Equipment mounting holes provided on front and rear flanges Dimensionally equivalent to telephone industry standard racks Order seismic anchor kit 02100-113B separately Includes the following accessories: Junction hardware, shim and static kits Racks with top angles also include V-bolt kits Wrist strap ground connection point Guard box cover with AC cutout Products include the complete line of Hendry racks, as well as many other standard and custom rack configurations Standard color is telephone gray;
additional color options are available (black, C.O. white, network blue, putty white);
contact Telect for details
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