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150 Watts DC-2400 MHz N(M) Connector. Limited Quantity - w/ N(M) Connector - NEW. 150 Watt, Convection-Cooled Dry Terminations. Termaline® RF Coaxial Terminations. Bird's RF terminations are world renowned for their high-quailty, robust construction and conservative power ratings. The use of non-magnetic materials and plating provide safety when used in high magnetic fields such as MRI.. Wide variety of connectors. Rugged Reliability provides years of trouble free use. High Quality Construction. Power Rating: (Watts) 150. Frequency Range and VSWR: DC to 1 GHz at 1.10:1 max, 1 GHz to 2.4 GHz at 1.25:1 max.. Operating Temperature (°C): -40°C to +40°C. Product Type: Dry (Convection-Cooled). Operating Position: Vertical. Connector(s): N-Type, BNC, 7/16 DIN. Finish: Black Anodized fins. Silver or Tri-Alloy Plated connector. Nominal Size: [inches (mm)] 10.9" H x 2.6" W x 6.8" D (276 x 66 x 173mm). Weight [lbs (kg)]: 6.0 lbs. (2.73 kg)
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