500 Reel M/A-COM 2 GHz 12 dB 50 Ω SOT-143 Voltage Variable Absorptive Attenuators AT-259TR




This is a 7" machine ready reel with M/A-COM AT-259TR Voltage Variable Absorptive Attenuators. M/A-COM’s AT-259 is a GaAs MMIC voltage variable absorptive attenuator in a low cost SOT-143 4-Lead surface mount plastic package. The AT-259 is ideally suited for use where attenuation fine tuning, fast switching and very low power consumption are required. Typical applications include radio, cellular, GPS equipment and other automatic gain/level control circuits. The AT-259 is fabricated with a monolithic GaAs MMIC using a mature 1 micron process. The process features full chip passivation for increased performance and reliability.
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