Jai Balaji
The AD-081CL is a unique prism-based 2CCD camera, incorporating two monochrome CCD sensors (ICX204AL) with sensitivity in the visible spectrum. The prism-based design enables a single optical path to be split across both CCDs simultaneously while maintaining alignment to within one-quarter pixel. By altering the shutter/gain settings of the two CCDs and fusing the two synchronized video streams during post-processing, the AD-081CL can provide more than double the dynamic range of standard CCD cameras (up to ~120 dB) but in a linear fashion that avoids the noise, shutter, and compression issues found in typical CMOS-based logarithmic or LinLog™ high dynamic range cameras. Alternatively, the timing of each CCD’s readout can be offset by one-half frame and interleaved together to produce 60 fps output without the image degradation that would result from over-clocking the CCDs. The AD-081CL is equipped with continuous mode, pre-select trigger mode, pulse width trigger mode and PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) mode. Output is via a standard Camera Link interface, which is user- configurable for a one-cable or two-cable solution with 8- or 10-bit depth from each CCD. Typical HDR applications for the AD-081CL include inspection tasks where incident light or bright reflections are present, such as LED inspection, welding, and various types of lighting or glass inspections. The camera is also ideal for a wide range of automotive applications, microscopy, or high-end surveillance uses. The parameters of each CCD can be adjusted by the user to provide maximum dynamic range or maximum contrast/sensitivity within a narrower lighting range, depending on the application. Dimensions (HxWxL): 55 x 55 x 80 mm
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