Jai Balaji
The new AD-081GE is a high dynamic range (HDR) camera in the C3 Camera Suite. The AD-081GE features a unique 2-CCD design with two standard 1/3” monochrome progressive scan sensors mounted to a custom-designed optical prism. The prism-based design enables the camera to simultaneously capture two channels of 30 fps video, with each channel having 1024 x 768 resolution, 8- or 10-bit pixel depth, and precise alignment to the same optical axis. The two images can be analyzed separately or post-processed with an image fusion algorithm to produce a dynamic range that is nearly double the response of a single CCD. This enables the AD-081GE to achieve dynamic range up to 20-bits per pixel (~118 dB) without encountering the type of noise issues found in similarly performing single CMOS HDR cameras. JAI has developed a cost-efficient and extremely precise manufacturing process to align the two prism-mounted sensors to within sub-micron accuracy. This enables the AD-081GE’s high dynamic range capability to be applied to inspection tasks whether or not the objects are in motion – something that cannot be done using two separate cameras or multiple exposures with a single CCD.
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