Jai Balaji
JAI AG-7000 The AG-7000 provides outstanding ICCD performance with a compact form factor that makes it one of the smallest intensified cameras in its class. The camera's Gen III Ultra tube, which is fiber-optically coupled to a large 2/3" format CCD, delivers outstanding low-light sensitivity, capable of resolving images at 1 x 10-7 lux at the face plate. Full auto-gating is provided to automatically protect the sensor against bright environments and enable the camera to be safely used in a variety of day/night applications. The AG-7000 is also equipped with an integrated 3-axis lens controller for use with motorized lenses. Operators can use a software-based graphical user interface (GUI) to remotely control the focus, zoom, or iris settings on standard motorized lenses. Camera and lens control is also available via RS-232 serial commands. In addition to its small size, the AG-7000 has also undergone more rigorous vibration testing than most ICCD cameras, to better ensure that it will stand up to real-world application environments. Dimensions (H x W x L): 51 x 45 x 87 mm
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