Agilent 85110A opt H60 S-Parameter Test Set 50GHz

This is an Agilent 85110A S-Parameter Test Set with option H60. The 85110A opt H60 S-Parameter Test Set is used with an 8510C Microwave Network Analyzer opt 008 as part of the 85108A Pulsed RF Network Analyzer system for making pulsed RF measurements up to 50 GHz. The connections available on the rear panel provide access to the measurement path, making it easy to configure test systems that use a single measurement connection for making multiple types of measurements such as spectrum analysis, noise figure, and load-pull. The HP 85108A is a factory-integrated system that provides the entire instrument configuration required to make pulsed-RF measurements from 2 to 50 GHz. Special options are available to add the pulse DC sub-system that allows Pulse I-V plane measurements and synchronization of Pulse RF inside the DC bias pulse. The system is built around the HP 8510C with the pulsed-RF measurement option (Option 008) already installed. The system also includes the HP 85110A S-parameter test set. An HP 83622A and an HP 83624A synthesized sweeper provide, respectively, the RF and LO signals needed to operate the fundamentally mixed test set. The HP 85110A/L test sets are specially configured for operation in pulsed-RF measurement systems (HP 85108). Four 90 dB step attenuators protect each input of the fundamentally-mixed down converter to allow measurement of test devices with output power of 20 watts CW. Test sets 85110A Option H60 and Option H61 are identical except for the placement of the path links. Path links refer to the links from P1 RF OUT to P1 RF IN and from P2 RF OUT to P2 RF IN. Devices such as amplifiers and isolators can be inserted in place of the path links to optimize system performance. Path links are located on the rear panel for the 85110A Option H60, and on the front panel for the Option H61.
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