Agilent/Nano Instruments Nano Indenter II Indentation Head Assembly with Tip




This is an Agilent/Nano Instruments Nano Indenter II indentation head assembly with tip. A pinout sheet is included for connecting the head to a control/data logging system. The Mechanical Properties Microprobe equipped Nano Indenter II is the ideal instrument for micro hardness and indentation testing. Robust construction and design as well as its ease of use make it ideal for the quality control environment, but its sensitivity and flexibility make it ideal for the R&D lab as well. A Mechanical Properties Microprobe (MPM) is an instrument used to characterize a material's mechanical properties using extremely small volumes of material. The MPM makes these measurements in very specific locations on the sample material, which makes it possible to measure the properties of extremely thin films and coatings, individual phases within a multi-phase or composite material and many other materials which cannot be tested conveniently or at all with conventional mechanical test methods. The MPM performs low and ultra-low load indentations, a method by which a material's mechanical properties may be studied, typically without extraordinary sample preparation. Using a diamond indenter tip with a known geometry, the depth of an indentation yields the area of contact between the indenter and the material being indented. Thus, making an indentation with a well-controlled force while continuously monitoring and recording the displacement of the indenter (i.e., the depth of indentation), one can calculate the hardness of the material, Young's modulus, fracture behavior and other mechanical properties of interest.
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