American Magnetics 186 Cryogen Monitor Liquid Level Controller

The American Magnetics, Inc. (AMI) Model 186 Liquid Level Controller includes all the functions of the Model 185 plus a level-control capability. The Model 186 Liquid Level Controller (cryogen monitor) system is an advanced, microprocessor-based solution designed to provide accurate and reliable level monitoring and control of virtually any cryogenic liquid. Microprocessor-based electronics provide 0.1% readout accuracy. Nonvolatile, read only memory maintains instrument calibration without battery backup. Watchdog timer circuitry and low line voltage (brownout) detector prevent microprocessor lock-up and provide fail-safe operation. The Model 186 uses capacitance-based level sensing. Fill control and alarm functions are provided, front panel programmable from 0 to 100 percent of the active sensing length. Two independent control band setpoints, "A" and "B", activate a power receptacle on the rear panel. When the liquid level drops below the "B" setpoint, the power receptacle is energized and remains energized until the liquid level rises to the "A" setpoint. The Model 186 also provides a fail-safe timer feature that automatically de-energizes the power receptacle once a user programmed maximum time interval of up to 600 minutes is reached. The Model 186 also provides "High" and "Low" alarm setpoints to activate front panel LED warning indicators and rear panel relay outputs (for remote alarming) in the event of an overfill or liquid loss condition. The "Low" level alarm also energizes an audible warning which can be silenced from the front panel. The Model 186 is ideal for unattended systems where automated fill is required. The instrument is equipped with a 4-digit LED display which provides liquid level indication in inches, centimeters, or percent as selected by a front panel switch. A front panel switch allows the user to easily adjust the instrument's length setting for a specific active sensor length. The sensor active length can be entered in either inches or centimeters. The Model 18x/286 instruments provide universal bench-top calibration which provides for quick and simple calibration of the instrument for a specific sensor. Calibration can be performed in an open or closed dewar environment. When the sensor is submerged at the 100% level, simply push the "MAX" button. When the liquid level is at the 0% level, push the "MIN" button. The calibration pushbuttons are recessed to prevent accidental operation. The Model 18x/286 instruments also allow the user to calibrate between various liquids with differing dielectrics. Once the Model 18x/286 is calibrated using a common cryogenic liquid such as nitrogen, a dielectric constant ratio of the target liquid can be entered into the instrument. Also, the Model 18x/286 instruments have the capability to transform partial length sensor calibration into full length sensor calibration. This is especially useful for long sensor applications where standard calibration procedures are impractical. The Model 186 can be provided with an optional 0-10 volt DC signal on the rear panel of the instrument for use with a recorder. A 4-20 mA current loop option is available in lieu of the voltage signal. Computer interface options, including RS-232 Serial Port/Data Logger or IEEE-488, are also available.
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