Aquila/Canberra M3CA Miniature Modular Multichannel Analyzer with -4,500 Volt Supply

The M3CA is a single instrument that includes a 4096-channel MCA memory, high voltage power supply, amplifier and 40 MHz 12-bit Wilkinson ADC. The electronics for the M3CA are computer controlled. Settings for gain, shaping time, high voltage, base line restoration, pulse pileup rejection, etc. are adjusted by controls built into the Maestro software. The On/Off switch and pole/zero adjustment are the only physical controls. The physical setup of the instrument is simple. Power for the detector pre-amplifier is provided through a Micro D connector. High voltage is through an SHV connector. Signal input is through a Lemo size 00 connector. An RJ11 connector is provided for the RS-232 link to the computer. Maestro-32 is a 32-bit multichannel analyzer "emulation" software package. When used in conjunction with a personal computer, and appropriate MCA1 hardware, Maestro-32 constitutes an advanced "smart" analysis environment for use in a wide variety of scientific applications in industry, teaching, research, including nuclear counting laboratories. The Maestro-32 user interface provides live spectral display, control of hardware and provides a number of "smart" analysis tools. The spectrum display and manipulation has a common "look and feel" with other Ortec Spectroscopy products, such as GammaVision-32. Full control of acquisition and all MCB hardware features is provided. The software auto-detects the attached hardware, presenting the user with only those features specifically available for that hardware. For example, members of the Ortec DSPec Series of Digital HPGe gamma spectrometer systems provide full control of the digital filter, auto-PZ and Insight oscilloscope mode. These features are displayed by the Maestro-32 software when the DSPec hardware is connected to the system. As a member of the Ortec Connections-32 suite of software products, Maestro-32 has the capability to fully support up to 250 detector systems across a local area network;
a remote detector appearing to a local operator is no different to one physically attached to the local PC workstation. Maestro-32, in its current release, is the latest stage of an Ortec evolutionary development over many years. The vast majority of Ortec MCB hardware is still supported by Maestro-32, making an upgrade to the latest version a potentially inexpensive yet rewarding experience. As a Connections-32 product, Maestro-32 v6.08 requires a Windows 2000, XP or Vista platform. Interfacing of MCB hardware to the system can be by USB, Ethernet, printer port, serial port, or ORTEC Dual-Port Memory.
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