Avtech AVH-HV1-C-P-OS Nanosecond Pulse Generator




This is a Avtech AVH-HV1-C-P-OS Nanosecond Pulse Generator with user manual. The Model AVH-HV1 is a low jitter high amplitude pulse generator featuring minimum pulse width of 1 ns, amplitudes from 0 to 100 volts, and pulse repetition frequencies from 100 Hz to 100 kHz. The pulse repetition frequency is set by the internal clock oscillator which is controlled by a four position range switch and a one turn control. Amplitude is also controlled by a one turn control. Output polarity is positive. A delay control and sync output is provided for sampling scope triggering purposes. The units can also be triggered externally using a TTL level pulse. The propagation delay in the externally triggered mode is typically 50 ns. A DC offset or bias insertion option is provided. The circuit for this is similar to Model AVX-T at the output. The required DC offset or bias is applied directly to rear panel solder terminals.
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