Sony BRC-300P Featuring Sony’s innovative 3CCD technology, the is the Pal signal system model in the BRC Series. Offering you the same three 1/4.7-type Advanced HADTM CCDs in both 4:3 and 16:9 modes as the BRC-300 NTSC model, you get high quality, high resolution pictures in a compact, robotic color video camera system. Ideal for remote shooting applications, the BRC-300P can be used for distance learning, high end video conference, corporate events, cable television broadcasts, and places of worship. Using the optional BRC-SDP12 outdoor protective housing, the BRC-300P can also be used in weather cam or traffic monitoring applications. Offering you a flexible all-in-one solution that saves you money over separately configured cameras, lenses and pan/tilt/zoom mounts, the Sony BRC-300P ensures you precise capture points of viewable area surrounding the camera to meet your needs. Featuring exceptional wide range Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities, the BRC-300P provides a 40 degree pan range that can be covered in 8 seconds and a 120 degree tilt range that can be covered in 4.5 seconds. The result is high quality images without vibration. Equipped with a card slot that accepts optional interface cards listed below, the Sony BRC-300P can be integrated into every kind of analog or digital system. The optional RM-BR300 Remote Control Unit features an ergonomic joystick and feature-rich control panel. If you need even more remote control flexibility, the optional BRBK-303 Optical Multiplex Card and BRU-300 Optical Multiplex Unit allow you to control the camera remotely from a long distance with a single fiber optic cable connection. For help with your Sony BRC Series camera selection, please call (888) 732-6474.
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