Berkeley Nucleonics 507-02 Current Pulse Generator




This is a BNC Model 507-02 current source pulse generator with 2 digitally controlled independent outputs. The Model 507-02 provides current levels to a load that are independent of the value of the load resistance. The majority of pulse generators are voltage sources and their currents change when load resistance changes. In addition to load resistance independence, Model 507-02 pulses can have current levels, pulse widths and pulse delays that are unique to each channel. You can precisely control the width and amplitude of the pulse and the time between pulses. Widths are variable between 0.1 to 100 msec, and levels are controlled up to 10 amps. The 507-02 provides a TTL Sync Out that coincides with zero delay to use as a reference and trigger. Each channel has its own monitor to observe the current through it's load and measure it's function time. Airbag squib, initiator, fuse, detonator, explosive and pyrotechnic applications will benefit from the constant current and constant width, hence constant energy pulse of the Model 507-02.
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