Jai Balaji
JAI CB-040MCL The compact series 1/2” progressive scan camera offers you the control and high quality images you need for your sorting, control, and inspection applications. Available in monochrome and Bayer mosaic color versions, the CB-040MCL delivers up to 280 fps with partial scan;
61.15 fps with full resolution in continuous operation;
and 60 fps with external trigger and full resolution. Featuring a host of programmable features, you get the control you desire to ensure the image outputs you require. Using Pulse Width Control, you can adjust shutter speed from 27.437µs to 2 sec. Exposure is programmable from 54.874µs to 16.553 ms. Dynamic lighting conditions are supported by the JAI CB-040MCL’s auto-iris lens video output. An optional right angle adapter is also available. For help with your JAI progressive scan camera selection, please call (888) 732-6474.
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