Jai Balaji
JAI CB-141PMCL-RA The CB-141PMCL-RA (Right Angled) is a 1.4 megapixel Bayer mosaic color CCD camera with Power over Camera Link interface. The camera features a high sensitivity CCD chip, high signal to noise ratio (> 58 dB), 30 fps in triggered mode and a compact housing, making them particularly suitable for imaging applications in machine vision, medical imaging, food sorting, traffic and surveillance applications. The CB-141PMCL-RA is designed around Sony’s popular ICX-285AQ 2/3” progressive scan CCD (1392 x 1040 pixels). This sensor uses its 6.45 μm pixel size and improved microlens technology to provide higher overall sensitivity (as low as 0.2 lux) with low smear characteristics. The camera run with 30 frames per second in triggered mode and continuous operation with full resolution. A variety of trigger modes are provided including reset continuous triggering (RCT) which enables the camera to operate in continuous mode while awaiting a trigger signal. CB-141PMCL-RA is designed in JAI’s small size C3 compact housing. This makes them one of the smallest cameras on the market with this sensor. Size: 29 (H) x 44 (W) x 93.3 (L) mm
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