CreatEX 42U Rack, 19”;
Single Phase PDU with Removable Door and Side Panels. The CMX-9138 is a 42U, 19 inch pre-engineered ATE system rack conforming to the EIA standards. The rack is specifically designed for test systems and comes integrated with power distribution, cooling fans and filtering, shelves, and blanking panels to ensure that precision test equipment are be housed, powered and cooled appropriately. This fully assembled rack can save customers considerable time and money in sourcing, assembly and documentation. The CMX-9138 rack comes standard with a power strip and bus bar, a power control unit, and a power distribution unit. The power control and distribution units are specifically designed for ATE and allow power to be removed from the instruments or DUT in case of an emergency. Single-phase and three-phase options are available. The rack can also be integrated with an optional system cooling mechanism that can be optimized to user-specific requirements. The cooling system is designed and characterized to ensure instrument operating temperature and rack temperature is maintained. Wide range of accessories including drawer for keyboard and mouse, blanking panels, L-brackets, Air Flow Management System and mass interconnect/receiver interfaces are available.
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