Please go to iiiC Component Part Num: CS19-08ho1S Description: Phase Control Thyristors, SCRs Configuration: Single Package Style: TO-263 (D2 PAK) Active Part Parameter CS19-08ho1S VRRM, VDRM, (V) 800 ITAVM, (A) 19 85 ITRMS, (A) 29 ITSM, 10ms, TVJ = 45°C, (A) 160 ITSM, 8.33ms, TVJ = 45°C, (A) 180 [dv/dt] C, (V/μs) 500 VT0, (V) 0.85 rT, (mΩ) 27 TVJM, (°C) 125 RthJC, max, (°C/W) 1.00 RthCH, (°C/W) 0.25 Weight: 0.003kg

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