Commercial Grid-Tie Inverter 100kW, 208 AC

Advanced Energy's PV Powered line of commercial inverters combine high reliability, low lifetime cost and high efficiency into one easy-to-install system. They are designed for 20-plus years of operation, enabled by an array of new features including busbars for all power connections, a sealed electronics module and an instrumented cooling system. The highly integrated system was designed to save commercial installers time with load break rated AC and DC service disconnects, certification for installation without a neutral conductor, cable landing points sized for maximum NEC-compliant cables and a well-planned cable bending radius for top, bottom and side cable entry options. Choose the proper subarray combiner for the inverter size you are using from the table below. PV Powered commercial three-phase inverters offer a voltage window of 295-600VDC, a wide operating range with low standard MPPT voltage. This provides the ability to string with all PV modules currently available including new thin film modules. Serviceability is enhanced by a modular design that divides the inverter into easy-to-maintain subsystems. 10-year warranty, with extension to 20 years available at 20% of inverter price. ETL Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S. (Make links to other products or delete non-applicable fields / rows below)
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