Dalsa DS-21-02M30 The Falcon DS-21-02M30 is an area scan camera for metrology, traffic management, robotics, and PCB inspection. The camera uses a two-megapixel interline transfer CCD in a 1600 x 1200 configuration--twice the resolution of "standard" 1k x 1k cameras. This camera outputs up to 34 frames per second ( fps) at full resolution, or hundreds of frames per second through area-of-interest windowing. The Falcon 2M30 camera family offers global shutter imaging, allowing smear-free capture of fast moving objects. Its 10 bit dynamic range allows it to thrive in demanding applications such as PCB inspection and traffic management. Programmable features and diagnostics are accessible through the Camera Link™ MDR26 connector. The camera's small body and robustness make it perfect for the wear and tear of industrial environments.
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