Digital temperature compensated type High precision:±5.0×10 (-40 to 85°C) ±3.8×10 (-10 to 60°C) Low current consumption Low voltage operation: +2.0 to +5.5V(Temperature Compensated Operating) +1.3 to +5.5V(Clock Timing Operating) I C-BUS serial interface:400kHz fast-mode compatible Clock function:hour·minute·second, Calendar function with auto leap year adjustment:year·month·day·day of week Alarm interrupt function:day·day of week·hour·minute Fixed-cycle timer interrupt function:244µs to 255min Time update interrupt function:minute·second Clock output function:32.768kHz, 1024Hz, 32Hz, 1Hz Supply voltage detection function: +2.0V temperature compensation operating voltage detection. +1.5V supply voltage AEC-Q100 Compliant RoHS Compliant.

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