Dantec 9055X0292 Bragg Cell for Laser Doppler Anemometry

This is a Dantec 9055X0292 Bragg Cell Section for Laser Doppler Anemometry/Velocimetry (LDA, LDV) systems. Similar to Dantec part 55X29. With this module, a positive or negative optical frequency shift of the laser light can be obtained. The result is that the fringe system in the intersecting point moves according to the frequency shift. This makes it possible to detect the direction of the flow. The Bragg cell shifts the center beam. A small zero order beam remains. A built-in glass rod ensures that the shifted and unshifted beams have an equal beampath length. The glass rod can be moved between 3 x 90° positions. The Bragg cell is excited from a 55N10 Frequency Shifter with 40 MHz. This signal is amplified in a driver which is built into the Bragg Cell Section.
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