Dynasen CK2-50/0.050-300 Piezoresistive Pulse Power Supply

This is a Dynasen CK2-50/0.050-300 piezoresistive pulse power supply with user manual. This instrument has been checked for electrical safety to address the concerns about fusing presented in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory report LL-2012-LLNL-14. model CK2-50/0.050-300 is a two-channel pulse power/bridge network arrangement that is dedicated for the use of 50 and 0.050 Ω
piezoresistive stress and extensoresistive strain gauges. single gauge arrangement (50 or 0.050 Ω
) is typically used in applications where gauge outputs due to stress are large compared to the effects of strain or temperature. other arrangement, referred to as the compensating arrangement, is to be used where secondary effects (Strain, Temperature) can be appreciable but can be automatically canceled by using a second sensor in the opposite side of the bridge. user selects the mode of operation via switches inside the unit and on the front panel. se units are wired for 110 Volt AC operation but can be switched internally for 220 Volt AC operations and have rack mounting capability.
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