625 kSa/s, 4 Ch, 24-bit Smart PXIe DSA Instrument, Charge, IEPE and Voltage. The EMX-4380 Smart 4-channel dynamic signal analyzer (DSA) and digitizer is the first integrated data acquisition instrument that supports Charge, IEPE, or Voltage inputs allowing it to support any piezo transducer. This instrument is ideal for a wide range of applications including noise vibration, and harshness (NVH), machine condition monitoring, rotational analysis, acoustic test, modal test, as well as general purpose high speed digitization and signal analysis. Versatile DSA Instrument With the flexibility to support all piezo transducer types, the EMX-4380 eliminates the need to have multiple types of modules or external signal conditioners. This helps reduce setup time and eliminate setup errors. Users are able to leverage one system to control configurations and support a wider range of testing requirements and transducer types. Distributed Measurements When combined with the EMX-2500 LXI interface, the EMX-4380 can be used in widely distributed data acquisition systems enabling test instruments to be placed close to test articles to maximize signal integrity. Software Industry standard drivers and programming interfaces support all major programming environments. Complete turn-key solutions, such as open-source X-Modal III Modal Analysis Software and EXLab Data Acquisition software, are also available and supported.
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