48-Channel Precision Thermocouple Measurement Instrument. EX1048A is an advanced full-featured thermocouple measurement instrument providing superior measurement accuracy and repeatability through fully integrated signal conditioning, advanced cold-junction compensation (CJC), Open Transducer Detection (OTD) and complete end-to-end self-calibration. Built in Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) and Open Thermocouple Detection (OTD) The heart of any truly accurate thermocouple measurement system is the CJC implementation. These instruments combine multiple precision thermistors, a significant thermal mass, and careful parts placement to provide world-class measurement performance. Each temperature channel is configured with open transducer detection functionality, providing a continuous indication of the channel status. Open transducer detection can be activated or deactivated on a per-channel basis. End-to-End Self-Calibration Complete end-to-end self-calibration is provided for each signal path on a programmable basis. Self-calibration is simple and quick, and can be performed as often as desired. Scalable for Synchronized High-Speed, High Channel Count With LXI complaint features like a built-in Trigger Bus TM hardware trigger subsystem and IEEE-1588 time-stamping, the EX1048A supports simplified distribution, synchronization and scalability for high-channel count applications. It can also be easily integrated with other platforms such as VXI and PXI.
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