30-Channel 3 (1 x 10) High-Voltage Multiplexer. The EX1200-2008H is a high-voltage multiplexer module designed for electrical safety testing, insulation testing kind of applications whose voltage levels exceed standard 300 V level. EX1200-2008H can switch voltages up to 1000 V, at power levels up to 25 VA. Each card contains three banks of 10x1 multiplexers. The EX1200-2008H has been designed for applications requiring high-voltage signal switching. When switching high voltages, the need for signal shielding becomes critical. This module has been designed to include large shield planes to reduce crosstalk and voltage spikes to adjacent channels. For ATE applications, such as switching high-voltage source measure units or power supplies, a fail-safe interrupt line (TTL-logic) is provided on the front panel. A change in state on this input pin can be used to create a fault condition and force all relays to their open state. This approach provides an additional layer of safety in the event that an adapter is removed by a technician while voltage is still present at the interface panel.
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