8 (1x2) 2-wire, 1000 VDC Multiplexer with Built-in Failsafe Monitoring. The EX1200-2087A is a high voltage multiplexer module with built in self-monitoring capability which allows each relay to be monitored continuously and prevents unintentional routing of high voltage signals to/from the UUT. The EX1200-2087A self-monitoring mechanism continuously monitors the relays to ensure that contacts haven’t been welded shut and the unit under test isn’t exposed to unintended connection paths. When failures are detected, interrupts can be generated that immediately stop the test. It is the first relay board in its class to offer this level of assurance and protection and is ideal for safety critical applications where cost of failure can be high, for example to test power distribution systems, electrical safety testing, and insulation testing. The EX1200-2087A has been designed to switch voltages up to 1000V at power levels up to 25 VA. Each card contains eight banks of 1x2, 2 wire multiplexers.

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