8 Channel, 500 kSa/s DAC/AWG. The EX1200-3608 and EX1200-3604 provide eight or four independent channels, respectively, of a digital to analog converter (DAC) with 16 bits of resolution. Each channel consists of a 16-bit DAC combined with a low-pass filter and an output amplifier. The 16-bit DAC allows these modules to achieve fine resolution at very low output range settings. Along with static output operation, the DAC modules provide an arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) mode which supports looping to build complex waveforms without the system controller’s intervention. The data may be paced out of the instrument by using either a user-supplied clock or the internal programmable timer with output rates up to 500 kSa/s. Each channel is true-differential, and has sense lines that can be used to compensate for voltage drops that occur over the length of the lead wire. When used in an EX1200 series mainframe with the optional DMM, the DAC outputs can be routed to the internal analog backplane for verification prior to critical test runs to ensure the device will perform to a high degree of accuracy. All channel outputs on these modules are individually isolated from system ground. This provides the ability to connect channels together in series to create an output channel with an extended range to 160 V or in parallel to create an output channel with a range of 160 mA. .
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