Dual 2x32, 2-wire, 300 V/2 A Matrix. The EX1200-4264 is a high-density matrix module which allows the user to connect any input row to any output column with a DPST relay at every row/column crosspoint. This architecture provides the framework for flexible switch system designs where multiple test instruments need to be connected to common test points. For example, sense and excitation channels from a digital multimeter, counter/timer, and digitizer can be connected to the input rows and each device can be connected to any of the output columns depending on the measurement function that is desired during the test. The connections between rows and columns occur internal to the module which greatly reduces external cabling. The smallest building block is a (2 x 32) 2-wire matrix, and rows of two banks can be joined together to create single (2 x 64) 2 wire matrix. A (2 x 348) 2-wire matrix can be accommodated in just 1U space, using an EX1200 series full rack mainframe. The two banks of matrices can be joined, as well as connected to the EX1200 DMM’s analog backplane bus to further simplify field wiring. Relays capable of switching up to 300 V and up to 2 A are used to maximize the range of application spaces that can be addressed with this module.
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