Eubanks Engineering Co. 6815-05A Wire Demand Prefeed

This is a Eubanks Engineering Co. 6815-05A wire demand prefeed for feeding electrical wire to wire markers and automatic wire strippers. The Eubanks heavy-duty Model 6815-05A belt-driven machine offers quick response, automatic speed control, high torque, and dependability. By delivering wire to the processor as required, the prefeed contributes to optimum wire-length accuracy and to the longevity of the processor’s drive mechanism. A heavy-duty 1/2 hp motor provides ample power to rotate maximum weight reels or pull wire from a barrel. A manual jog switch makes for easy loading and unloading of wire. A provision for mounting two reels makes it possible to increase production by cutting and stripping two wires at a time. This prefeed may be used with any make of wire processing machine. When used with a Eubanks machine, the prefeed and the wire processor form an integrated system. Both the prefeed and the wire processor will shut down in the event of a jam or tangle at the prefeed end.
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