Sony FCB-EH3150 When you need exceptional image quality and flexibility for applications requiring vibrant, high-resolution images, then HD CMOS color block camera may be the right fit. Ideal for Intelligent Traffic Systems, low vision, security, and inspection applications, this powerful camera features a 1280x720p HD output at 60 fps with up to 12x optical zoom. Ideally suited for low vision applications, features including monochrome, binary, inverted, and new color enhancement modes make it less challenging for you to read text and pictures. The 1/4-type Exmor™ CMOS image sensor provides you with an extraordinary 1.43 Million effective pixels for outstanding image quality. Ensuring the right lighting for the best image quality, the FCB-EH3150 Sony color block camera Auto Wide-D mode monitors luminance differences within an image in high contrast environments and automatically switches the Wide-D feature on and off to adjust to the contrasted lighting environment. Additional Wide-D modes include one-push WB, ATW, Manual, Sodium Vapor Lamp, and indoor/outdoor, including three levels of luminance – low, medium and high. For help with your Sony Block camera selection, please call (888) 732-6474.
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