Sony FCB-EX2200 1/4-type, 18x Super HAD CCD II SD, NTSC Sony Block Camera Sony is proud to introduce a new family of standard definition (SD) cameras to the FCB-EX series block camera line-up. Cameras in this new series offer excellent picture quality with a horizontal resolution of 670 TV lines, thanks to the use of Super HAD CCD II image sensors and a newly developed image processor. These cameras also incorporate high-performance optical zoom lenses (including high resolution 40x, and bright 28x and 18x lenses), allowing you to select the right camera according to your varying needs. The new FCB-EX series block cameras uses a Progressive Scan (PS) mode to provide smooth and clear images without interlace artifact effects when viewing details in a moving image. Featuring Wide-Dynamic Range, Digital Output (ITU-R BT656), Visibility Enhancer, De-fog, StableZoom function and Auto ICR applications, the new FCB-EX block camera series s idealy suited for Security Survelience, Intelligent Traffic, and Remote Monitoring applications. Available picture effects include Color Enhancement, E-flip, Nega Art, Black & White, and Mirror Image.
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