Sony FCB-EX480CP Sony's new FCB-EX series of color block cameras are equipped with an incredibly high 18x zoom lens which has a wide/telephoto horizontal field of view, making them ideally suited for use in security domes and traffic monitoring applications. These cameras incorporate an advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking feature which allows the masking function to be interlocked with the camera's pan/tilt/zoom movements, regardless of the camera angle, ensuring the individual’s privacy. In addition, all of these FCB-EX cameras are equipped with a variety of convenient functions such as E-Flip, Alarm and Picture Freeze which been inherited from earlier FCB-EX Series cameras. Moreover, all of these FCB-EX cameras use lead-free solder and halogen-free printed circuit boards, making these cameras environmentally friendly. Combining superb picture quality and a variety of unique and convenient features, these new FCB-EX cameras are the perfect match, both indoor and outdoor, for demanding security and monitoring applications.
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