Falcon 1.4M100 HG

Dalsa Falcon 1.4M100 HG Teledyne DALSA’s new Falcon 1.4M100 HG CMOS camera delivers 100 fps at full resolution in a compact body ideal for applications in electronics manufacturing and semiconductor inspection. The camera uses Teledyne DALSA’s patented CMOS sensor technology to deliver global shuttering, global reset, and concurrent integration and readout. The images produced are crisp and clear, avoiding image artifacts associated with rolling shutter. Part of the Falcon HG series, the 1.4M100 HG is optimized for high sensitivity. Fully programmable, via base mini-Camera Link, the camera incorporates exposure control, gain and offset adjustment, and flat-field correction. Ease of use is enhanced through simple camera control and timing, and the ability to transmit data using 10m long mini-Camera Link cables. Like the other Falcon HG cameras, the 1.4M100 HG supports Power over Camera Link (PoCL), eliminating the need for a separate power cable and simplifying cabling and system integration. Delivered in a robust, compact body, this camera should be your definitive choice for area based systems.
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