Garrad Hassan APL 8016 Wind Turbine Monitor T-MON

This is a Garrad Hassan APL 8016 data acquisition unit designed for use with the GH T-MON wind turbine data acquisition system. Development of ever larger wind turbines is progressing at a rapid pace - very often with very little performance data from previous models. It has long been recognised that measured fatigue loads and performance data allow refinement of existing designs or development of new wind turbines to be accomplished with confidence. Fatigue loads and performance testing of wind turbines for design verification and certification are now also commonly required. T-MON is a commercially available data acquisition system specifically designed for use on wind turbines for practical engineering applications. T-MON is a complete signal conditioning and data acquisition system. Each system has a single high performance PC base station with a number of data acquisition units (DAU's). The base station performs the functions of control, data processing and recording. The DAU's provide signal conditioning, analogue filtering and A/D conversion, or frequency measurement for the sensors. The GH T-MON DAU's (data acquisition units) are of compact design, measuring only 270 x 130 x 65 mm, for installation in confined spaces. Each DAU can accept eight analogue/frequency channels with individual energising supplies for the sensors, signal conditioning and anti-aliasing filter. The system includes both set-up and data collection facilities. The software is menu driven and very easy to use, allowing access to individual channels to select offset and gain settings and to specify from which channels data are to be recorded. The sampling rate and anti-aliasing cut-off frequency to be used for the data recording are both software selectable by the user. All four methods can be active at the same time. With campaign data recordings up to 128 user defined conditions can be used to trigger 16 different campaigns. A condition is a logical combination of any three signals. Each campaign can include up to ten minutes of data prior to the time the campaign is triggered. With this powerful facility data recordings of important conditions can be recorded whenever they should occur.
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