HDX 4 RU Standard 19" chassis. Telect's HDX high-density bulkhead-style fiber optic splitter solution (patent pending) provides cost-effective industry-leading splitter density in a standard 4 RU footprint. Each 23" chassis accommodates up to 32 modules (19" chassis holds 24 modules). Splitter modules are available in a variety of configurations and split ratios. Telect splitter modules enable non-intrusive optical circuit testing and monitoring without sacrificing significant space. These passive component modules feature a robust design for durability and protection of circuits. High density — up to six ports on front and rear Capacity — up to four 1 x 2 splitters per module Maximum density of 128 splitters in a 4 RU chassis Chassis are compliant with all standards for compatibility, bend radius management and construction Simple to install and fully scalable for simple growth and cost management Aluminum chassis with powder coat finish ±40 nm operating bandwidth 1310 nm and 1550 nm operating wavelengths
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