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HV-D27A/HV-D37A color camera is a separate type camera head utilizing three CCDs in a compact and light weight and camera control unit (CCU) system. By utilizing 410,000 pixels (470,000 pixels PAL) CCDs in addition to single LSI chip digital circuit construction from processor to encoder, both high picture quality and high stability have been achieved. CCD size is 1/2-inch for the HV-D27A and 1/3-inch for the HV-D37A. Hitachi's extensive experience in broadcast and industrial color cameras has lead to an exclusive 14-bit digital processing technology that provides a host of important functions in a newly developed LSI device. The high quality signal processing and image compensating functions were unattainable in earlier analog cameras. The versatile C mount also allows use with a broad range of optical systems and opens up applications in a wide variety of fields, factory automation, image processing, microscope technology etc.
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