Huber 5042 4-Circle Diffractometer with Counter Bearing




This is a Huber 5042 4-circle diffractometer with 512.1 XYZ cryostat carrier, counter bearing, and Slo-Syn stepper motors. The HUBER Goniometer 5042 is a rugged version of a heavy-load/high-perfomance 4-circle goniometer. It is built up by the standard models 440.12, 440, 430, 512 and includes a collimator and with adjustable holder for collimators, beam traps, slit screens and scintillation tube carrier. For X-ray operation, it may be equipped with tube shield model 690, graphite monochromator 151, both standing on a XYZ-positioning device. The Eulerian Cradle 512 can carry cryostats or high-temperature equipment, most conveniently with model 512.1, i.e. XYZ-Cryostat Carrier. The 2θ-arm may be loaded by heavy detection equipment like position sensitive area detectors up to 100 kg. So, the 5042 is a well suited instrument for neutron facilities, too.
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