Dalsa I-M1024-1/3-C Teledyne DALSA Digital Imaging is pleased to announce the Icon™ –  a new series of user programmable cameras for traditional and nontraditional machine vision OEMs. The Icon camera series combines Teledyne DALSA’s expertise in cameras and image processing with off-the-shelf development tools and libraries to deliver a cost effective, yet powerful application development environment. Icon cameras feature high quality, high sensitivity, low noise image output and support resolutions from VGA to 1600 in color and monochrome formats. Image capture can be synchronized with external events and controls for a deterministic response. - Camera Configuration Utility - Teledyne DALSA’s powerful CamExpert is a graphical user interface that provides an interactive environment to create or modify camera configurations files. Icon camera parameters can be fine tuned while grabbing live images on the host computer. In addition, CamExpert’s intuitive interface allows users to explore and reconfigure camera control signals. To process and analyze images, Icon cameras feature 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 and C64x+ DSP processors and Microsoft® Windows CE™1real-time operating system. This powerful processing capability combined with extremely low power consumption and a ruggedized small form factor body is ideal for embedded processing applications. At the heart of Icon’s sophisticated development environment is Embedded Sapera Vision SDK – a comprehensive suite of image acquisition, processing, analysis and control libraries, including Sapera Processing, Teledyne DALSA’s highly optimized image processing primitives, and advanced image analysis tools such as 1D and 2D barcode, OCR, blob analysis, area and geometric search and calibration. While Icon comes pre-licensed and ready to deploy using Sapera Processing tools it is engineered as an open platform to allow OEMs to develop applications using third party image processing tools. Icon cameras are designed for standalone operations and to carry out necessary actions with the help of on-board general purpose I/Os and communications using Ethernet or RS232 serial ports. Icon cameras incorporate non-volatile memory to store user applications and can be configured to run on power up without any assistance from a PC. In addition, Icon cameras feature optically isolated inputs and outputs for reliable external event synchronization. Icon Mono 1024x768 C Mount
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