Inel Equinox CPS120 Curved Position Sensitive X-Ray Detector System

This is an Inel Equinox CPS120 Curved Position Sensitive X-ray Detector with electronic and gas handling instrumentation. Output can be analyzed using any standard multichannel analyzer. Please contact us if you would like assistance selecting an appropriate MCA. User Manual is included. Position sensitive detectors (PSD) have been around for many years and their successful application to X-ray diffraction experiments has been well documented. Early PSD detector designs are based on fragile wire anode technology, problematic due to the fact that they are easily damaged by over exposure to X-rays and are often microphonic. To overcome these problems, we have pioneered a new technology in which the fragile wire anode has been replaced by an indestructible alloy "knife edge " blade anode which is non-microphonic, does not suffer from over exposure to the X-ray beam and is very rugged. Inel curved position sensitive detectors enable diffraction experiments to be made on powders, solids and liquids in real time. The detectors are curved about a segment of a circle allowing the user to select a detector that provides optimum resolution for each and every experiment including XRD, SAXS, WAXS, etc. When used as part of an X-ray experiment Equinox detectors will measure the entire diffraction pattern simultaneously. Inel CPS detectors have no moving parts and eliminate the need for mechanical scanning devices such as complex scanning goniometers used in conventional diffraction instruments. They do not require routine maintenance. Equinox PSD detectors are essentially spatial detectors used in such a way that they are made to directly intersect the diffracted, reflected or transmitted X-ray beam. The length or radius of the detector determines its spatial or angular position about the X-ray beam or 2 theta and the distance to the sample determines resolution. This unique design also provides an opportunity in diffraction experiments to limit the incident X-ray beam width on the sample to less than 100 microns with a conventional X-ray source and to less than 20 microns with a micro X-ray source and so provides a superb opportunity for micro diffraction experiments. To meet the needs of today's diffraction requirements we have designed detectors with differing lengths and curvatures providing a choice of resolutions from 0.04 to 0.1 degrees FWHM. There are many experiments that require linear detectors as an alternative to curved and to meet this need we have designed a range of detectors with varying anode lengths. Equinox detectors will find applications in all types of X-ray diffraction experiments and especially as a direct replacement for existing scanning goniometers using traditional single point detectors. They can also be used to upgrade an existing X-ray diffractometer when its useful life has come to an end but when the existing X-ray generator is still in good order. Or they can be used to extend the versatility of all XRD systems. A curved Equinox detector will bring an old diffractometer back to life providing years of extended use and very high performance. They can also be used to convert an existing diffraction system, enabling it to be used in kinetics experiments. Remember Equinox detectors measure all angles of diffraction simultaneously and are therefore perfect for kinetics and dynamic studies. The detectors can be used to substantially speed up analytical times enabling many samples to be analyzed in just a few seconds. Popular applications for linear detectors include SAXS, WAXS, Stress and many other similar experiments. The blade (knife edge) anode technology used in Equinox detectors will allow general use with most or all synchrotron experiments. Unlike a wire anode detector the Equinox design is extremely rugged and in most circumstances will tolerate exposure to an intense X-ray beam. In similar circumstances a wire or CCD detector will be completely destroyed. Equinox detectors do not require a scanning goniometer and are therefore advantageous in any Online or Real Time application including mineral or cement analysis, pharmaceutical raw material production, phase change monitoring and much more.
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