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Designed for use in factory automation and industrial vision systems, the KP-F32F features a compact size, square pixels, and progressive scan to provide high vertical resolution of moving objects. Featuring a IEEE-1394.b output the KP-F32F can operate at 60 frames per second, with VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Two IEEE-1394.b output ports are provided on the rear of the camera allowing loop through to another camera. The camera is compliant with Digital Camera Specification IIDC1394 Ver,1.31, and can operate at 800 / 400 / 200 Mbps, with an image format of Mono 8 or Mono 16. Standard features include an eight step electronic shutter featuring a maximum speed of 1/100,000 second, selectable gamma with LUT (look up table) and fixed, manual or automatic gain control. A frame-on-demand function is available for capturing moving objects at a desired timing. In the one trigger mode of operation, the rising edge of the trigger pulse starts the exposure, the durration of the trigger pulse controls the integration time, and the falling edge of the trigger pulse resets vertical sync and delivers the triggered image. The camera
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