KT&C KPC-VSN500NHB High Resolution Color Miniature Camera

The KPC-VSN500NHB board camera features a Super HAD II CCD image sensor with outstanding performance of 550 TV Lines in a miniature square shaped camera. The most crisp clear pictures with advanced digital ghost and noise reduction technology is the end product of this high performance Camera. The Automatic Gain Control enables the camera to work with a greater range of input signal levels. The automatic tracking of White Balance and automatic Backlight compensation provide user with high-quality images in low light conditions or complete darkness. The Ultra-Compact size of the Mini Square Camera makes it easy to install anywhere and lets you keep a hawk-eye view on your surroundings. The Camera supports a fully gasket sealed IP-66 rated Weatherproof design to provide secure and safe connection in hostile conditions. Sony 1/3" Super HAD II CCD. 550 TVL Horizontal Resolution. Noise, Ghost and Blooming Free. Automatic Gain Control. Built-in Reverse Power Input Safety Circuit. Ultra Compact size. Mirror Mode and Optional Audio Feature. Security. Surveillance/CCTV. Meetings. Industrial.
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