MICRO SWITCH™ LSX switches are for use either indoors or outdoors in hazardous atmospheres as they are a completely sealed, explosion-proof device. Mounting hole location and tracking is the same as the long established MICRO SWITCH ML-E1 explosion-proof switch. An optional mounting plate provides the same tracking and mounting as the standard HDLS. The majority of HDLS operating heads and circuitry options are available on the LSX. Standard HDLS levers are used, but because of explosion-proof requirements, only nylon rollers or other non-sparking material can be selected. Plunger and cat whisker types listed in the LSX order guide are non-sparking materials. The MICRO SWITCH™ LSX withstands pressure of an internal explosion and cools the exploding gases below the kindling temperature of the explosive atmosphere. Flame paths are provided by the cover-housing threads and an extended plunger between the switch cavity and head. Features Sealing - applicable portions of NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 13 Tracking interchangeability with MICRO SWITCH ML-E1 and HDLS Variety of heads and non-sparking actuators Field adjustability matches switch to application Momentary, maintained, sequential, or center neutral action 10 A continuous carry electrical rating Choice of silver or gold contacts 1/2 or 3/4 inch conduit opening UL Listed, file #E61730 CSA Certified, file #LR57327 Internal grounding screw Potential Applications Control valves and actuators Petroleum plants Chemical plants Waste treatment Hazardous waste handling
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Технические характеристики

Packaging 0,0
Circuit 0,0
Switch Function 0,0
Current Rating 10,0
Voltage Rating - AC 120,0 V
Voltage Rating - DC 115,0 V
Actuator Type 0,0
Mounting Type 0,0
Termination Style 0,0
Features 0,0
Operating Force, Torque 4,0
Pretravel 15,0 °
Differential Travel 5,0 °
Overtravel 60,0 °
Operating Temperature -12,0

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