LUDL 12x12 inch High Accuracy 300 mm Wafer Inspection Stage System

This is a LUDL Electronic Products (LEP) high accuracy 12x12 inch stage system that provides the highest performance when examining wafers up to 300 mm. Stage has been aligned for optimum performance. Contact us for additional accessories such as an encoder digital readout. The demands of 300 mm microelectronic technology requires a stage that has both extended travel range in addition to the highest positioning performance. The LEP 12"xl2" stage is designed to meet or exceed those requirements. The stable design employs oversized stainless steel crossed roller bearing guideways. Heavy components assure the long-term stability. Without compromise, this stage minimizes its three dimensional envelope with clever design and strict manufacturing processes. The stage comes with stepper motors motors. Coupled with precision recirculating ball leadscrews, performance is maintained at all speeds. Maintenance is minimal. The optional XY grid encoder adds increased performance for the most demanding applications. With 0.4 micron repeatability and very high accuracies this stage is suited for applications such as defect review and bit mapping.
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