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40X-640X Monocular Student Compound Microscope + PS25. This biological microscope is specially designed for students. It offers six levels of magnifications, 40X, 64X, 100X, 160X, 400X and 640X. It comes with optical glass elements, full solid metal body construction, a beautiful ABS plastic case and a 25-piece prepared slide kit that includes assorted specimens of plants, insects and animal tissues, packed in a fine storage box. This is a great entry-level microscope and an excellent instrument for students to learn science. This microscope is brand new in original box. The specimen slides include: Pine Leaf, Coprimus Mushroom Set, Sunflower Stem, Young Root of Broad Bean, Onion Epidermis, Tilia Stem, Pumpkin Stem, Lillium Ovary, Lillium Anther, Zea Stem, Nymphaea of Apustio Stem, Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf, Pine Stem, Dog Esophagus, Human Blood, Dog Skeletal, Muscle, Pig Motor Nerve, Rabbit Spinal Cord, Rabbit Testis, Dog Cardiac Muscle, Dense Connective Tissue, Housebee Mouth Parts, Honeybee Worker Leg-Composite, Hydra, Dog Stomach.
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