MKS Spectra HPQ2 High Pressure Quadrupole RGA with Valve

This is a completely rebuilt MKS/Spectra HPQ2 high pressure quadrupole residual gas analyzer system. Though the vacuum fittings are slightly different from those on a standard HPQ2S, the controller is configured with HPQ2S compensation algorithms. Of course, the HPQ2 can be interfaced to a chamber directly without using the included valve, though this protects the HPQ2 from contamination and excess pressure. The HPQ2 and HPQ2S represent the latest in high pressure, pump free, process RGA technology, with performance consistent with traditional RGA instrumentation. Although designed to meet the rigorous requirements of semiconductor processing, the HPQ2 and HPQ2S are ideal for other process monitoring applications because they do not require a support pumping package. The resulting system is less complex, with reduced installation requirements, offering a higher level of reliability at a substantially lower cost. In addition, the HPQ2S uses special gas-specific algorithms to compensate for sensitivity variations resulting from ion-molecule interactions that occur at higher pressures. These algorithms address the specific characteristics of species including water, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, helium, and hydrogen in argon. With their ability to operate at the pressures encountered in the degas, pre-clean, buffer, transfer, and PVD chambers on semiconductor process tools, HPQ2 and HPQ2S are able to gather vital information throughout a process which can be used to speedup PM recovery and improve yield. For other types of process tools, the HPQ2 and HPQ2S monitor vacuum quality, highlighting issues from outgassing to contamination. The HPQ2 and HPQ2S help optimize vacuum quality with The analyzer is extremely compact with an insertion length of less than 1.0 inch into the process chamber, and the RGA electronics are housed in a compact control module, which mounts directly onto the analyzer. This configuration is particularly attractive in applications where space is at a premium, such as clean room areas in semiconductor fabs. The maintenance-conscious design of the HPQ2 and HPQ2S incorporates twin filaments, where the second "back-up" filament enables continued operation in the event of a filament failure. The user-serviceable HPQ2 and HPQ2S analyzer designs allow the ion source to be removed and dismantled for cleaning.
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