MLH Series All Metal Pressure Sensor, Gage, Amplified, 0 bar to 10 bar Pressure Range, G 1/4 per DIN 3852-2 Port Style, 0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc Regulated Output Type, Packard MetriPak Termination Type Features All-wetted parts No internal elastomeric seals Stable and creep free Reverse voltage and output short circuit protected Less than 2ms response time Easy customization Rated IP65 or better Exceeds CE heavy industrial EMC for use in areas of high RFI/EMI Amplified and temperature compensated Wide choice of connections and terminations Calibration for special pressure ranges Typical Applications Diesel engines Refrigeration and HVAC/R General industrial and hydraulics Off-road vehicles Braking systems Natural gas vehicles Medical
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