The SocketSLIC® interface module is a complete, ready-to-integrate isolated and programmable analog-to-PCM interface. It allows the user to choose the appropriate telephony interface when the system is configured either in manufacturing or in the field. This flexibility adds convenience, low cost and quick time to market to designing modern communication systems or updating existing telephony systems. The SocketSLIC interface module takes care of the many standard analog interfaces allowing the designer to focus on the digital design.Benefits:• Field Programmable• Operating System Independent• Bellcore Compliant• Isolated Analog Telephony InterfaceSymmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: is an authorized Multi-Tech distributor. Analog port supports standard telephony interfaces Digital port supports standard TDM interfaces Control port supports standard serial interfaces Supports FXO, FXS, DPO, DPT, E&M, PLR, ETO, TO Loop-Start, Ground-Start, Direct-Inward-Dialing (DID) E&M Type I, II, III, IV and V signaling Two-wire and four-wire transmissions Supports Caller ID service and other CLASS services Provides loop-disconnect signals On-board ring generator and power supply Adjustable telecom battery voltage Adjustable transmit and receive levels Adjustable ringing voltage and ringing frequency FCC Part 68, CS-03, TBR21 approved No DIP switches or jumpers Single +5VDC supply voltage Low power consumption Small footprint

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