MTS 204.15 Servo Hydraulic Actuator Series 204 1.25" Stroke 10 KIP

This is an unused MTS .15 Servoram 10 KIP servo hydraulic actuator with closed housing LVDT constructed from stainless steel and chromed tool steel. Also included are the fittings shown for hydraulic line connection. Series Hydraulic Actuators are heavy duty force-generating rams that operate under precision servovalve control in MTS closed-loop testing systems. Typical applications include static testing, cyclic tension- compression fatigue testing, high rate testing, systems having special long stroke requirements, or systems having reliable precision force generating or positioning requirements. Series Actuators are designed specifically for low and medium force (one-half metric ton-force to one hundred metric tons-force) testing of structures, components, products, and materials. Their durability and dynamic side load tolerance makes them particularly effective in severe dynamic tests. Their special bearing and seal configurations also make them practical for low velocity or static requirements. Any of the Series Actuators can be installed in an MTS load frame for materials testing applications, (using a hole pattern in the upper end cap). A variety of mounting arrangements allows easy application of the Actuators to structures testing. Swivel bases and swivel heads provide a safe method of attachment to bending members, and special mounts, such as the gimbal-trunnion mount, can be used for bed-plate installations.
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