McPherson 207 Scanning Monochromator 0.67 meter with Gratings

The Model 207 Monochromator-Spectrometer offers the user the most throughput and fastest aperture in a long focal length instrument. It is a two mirror, plane grating, and 0.67 meter focal length optical system, ideal for photoluminescence and Raman applications. Mirrors and slit remain in fixed positions while the grating is rotated for wavelength selection. The optical system has an f/5.8 effective aperture with a 110 x 110 mm grating (f/4.7 with x 140 mm grating). The optical components are mounted to a cast aluminum base. The top of the base is finished flat for mounting of the mirror, grating and precision lead screw assemblies. A separate casting is mounted to the base to support the slit assemblies and camera attachment. A removable cover allows easy access to internal components. The entire instrument can be leveled using three adjustable feet. A precision sine drive positions the grating to a selected wavelength or range. Wavelength output can also be controlled through an on-board stepper motor coupled to the drive screw. The mechanical wavelength counter is connected to the drive system of the Model 207. The counter displays the wavelength at the exit slit of the Monochromator. It reads correctly for 0 line/mm grating. Other grating densities require factoring the counter value. Readout is correct to 1/10 of nm. The entrance slit is of the bilateral opening type. Bilateral slit width is accurately adjustable from 5 μm to 4 mm. The occulter is adjustable for spectral line heights from 2 to 20 mm. Slit assemblies, CCD cameras and other equipment can be mounted to exit port.
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